What I hear you say, does a car service have to do with a massage?

Well, it seems that we maintain our cars much better than we do our bodies and ourselves.
We check the oil, put air in the tyres, fill the washer bottle, and have our cars serviced and get anything wrong fixed – why? Because we need our cars

What do we do with our bodies?
Mostly, we use them until everything is sore, tight and stressed to the max before we even consider seeing a GP or a therapist, whether a massage, chiro or physio

So, before things get too bad, why not book yourself into a massage & give your body, mind and senses a well deserved maintenance treatment
I’m sure you will see the advantages of having your body worked over by a qualified experienced massage therapist.

We can always buy another car or trade one in.

We only have one body… look after it, cherish it treat it well and enjoy a great massage

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