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A wonderful experienced happy go lucky person who I would recommend to those interested in looking for a good massage person. I have many issues with back esp lower back. I found that Chris helped immensely with these areas including the shoulders and found massive relief after the sessions. I highly recommend him, he certainly knows his stuff and always interested in researching anything new that is presented to him.

My partner and I have been seeing Chris over the past 5 years. He has been an amazing help with sore back, shoulders and bodies. Chris is a very professional, knowledgable and helpful massage therapist. His use of cupping and deep tissue massage has helped tackle ailments. Recommended to many of my friends and family and would highly recommend to others. Wishing you the best with your move but you will be missed here.

Had some taping done by Chris today and wow!! Pain dropped from a 5 to basically nothing immediately! Having gone 4 years with chronic back pain caused by injuries from a major car accident this just feels amazing!

No wimpy massages here, Chris actually works your muscles properly he really does his homework on what results you are after either being relaxation , fixing aches and pains or injury ,, me being one that fidgets and struggles to relax i left feeling calm , and slept like a baby so my aim was to feel relaxed and he delivered defiantly going back

Chris..I felt good this morning .. no headache!!. Thank you.
Im feeling fabulous 👍thanks so much
😊👍 feeling great here thanks Chris. Exactly what I needed. Back in the swing of things here today.
Thank you!!
you are awesome at your job!
I still feel great now..haven’t felt this good in a long time
thank you so much I feel really good.. Loose & wobbly haha..
Hi Chris all good not to sore feeling much better now then before I saw you thanks
Chris 🙂 feeling a tad sore still but a massive remarkable difference for the better 🙂
See you soon
Hi Chris. Feeling good. No soreness. Had a lovely nana nap yesterday afternoon. Thank you, I’ll see you next time I’m down. 😊
Thanks Chris! The massage was so wonderful! A little sore, nothing too bad. Slept well too 👍 thank you

Just wanted to say how wonderful everything is. Since the treatment on Thursday night the results are unbelievable. I have so much more movement in my arm that has caused me a lot of problems for a number of years. I thought surgery was going to be my only option! How wrong I was ! I have no pain and can stretch my arm in so many more directions. Felt fantastic to be able to lift my arm and wash my hair with two hands ! Still a little way to go to have 100% movement but clearly since even your 1 treatment…an amazing improvement. Can not thank enough truly great result,highly recommend this treatment warmest regards M


What a lovely review from a new client (posted by her daughter) for Chris Rowden Massage, Narrawallee
I shouted mum a massage with chris rowden and she now feels a million bucks.she loved it and cant wait for her next visit to chris. 
Thankyou you so much for making mum feel soo much better and making her feel very comfortable, mum cant remember the 
last time she felt as good as she feels right now. 😀


A lovely review from a new client to Chris Rowden Masssage, Narrawallee
After 3 massages with Chris Rowden its safe to say he certainly has a wealth of knowledge and skills. Chris’ approach includes a comprehensive assessment of where you’re at (injury / pain / problem areas) and tailors your time to suit your needs.
I would highly recommend Chris if you’re struggling with back pain, muscle tension or just generally want to feel more relaxed and move a bit better.
Thanks Chris, and welcome to the south coast!
5 Stars

Hi Chris, I slept like a log & I got $25 refund from BUPA Extras cover, Thank you very very much LA


I can’t believe you’re leaving us, now I have to try to find someone as good as you…That’s going to be pretty much impossible SH


Hi Chris, My arm/shoulder is really good today! Thank you so much!!! MN


I’m waiting on a hip replacement and from using either a walking stick or a 4-wheel walker and also doing a lot of work on computer, my shoulders and neck get quite stiff and sore – my osteopath could only do so much and recommended massage. Chris has been a godsend in keeping my body and mind together and I leave each session ready to face the world again. Mentally and physically he continues to give me strength to soldier on. Thanks heaps Chris. JA


Definitely slept well!!! Getting up this morning was hard! I’m a bit sore today but in a good kind of way! Thanks heaps! GC


I saw Chris 8 years ago before having my hip replacement. I felt so amazing afterwards that I found someone back in the UK to have regular treatments with and have done so ever since. I saw Chris again last week and received an amazing treatment with the cups which I have never had before and have always been apprehensive about. I felt so good afterwards. Its such a shame I am on the other side of the planet otherwise I would be there every week. Absolutely recommend the whole treatment! I! Never want it to finish!!! Thank you Chris much appreciated !!!


Hi Chris, feeling a little sore on the right shoulder, but honestly I can feel there is less tension in my back overall..Very happy. DP


Hey Chris, definitely felt a bit wiped out yesterday, but am feeling A+ today, thank you again : ) PM


Last winter I suddenly developed right sided facial/scalp and eye pain accompanied by headache. I saw multiple GPs and specialists, had MRIs, CT scans and lab tests, and was prescribed everything from high-dose steroids to anti-seizure medication. No-one could figure out what was going on. When the facial pain had subsided to a point where I was able to lay face-down for an hour, I went for my regular massage with Chris, and while he was working on my neck it became clear that all my scary symptoms were caused by referred pain from a muscle in the front of my neck. Chris did some further research into the musculoskeletal structures to identify the likely culprit, then showed me some self-massage and stretching techniques that target the problem muscle, which I did at home. After a week and two more massages with Chris I was finally pain free. So my advice: see Chris first! He’s a lot cheaper than a specialist, he won’t fill you full of medications, and if you’re lucky he’ll fix your problem…but if not at least you got a nice massage  : )     (Beats an MRI any day!)    ZL


Chris Rowden thank you! Hip pain and back pain… Gone. Great job – very grateful MO.


Feeling great thanks, slept well, gonna keep up the water today, thanks again man LW


Thanks Chris, feeling heaps better and only a little sore. JP


Feel a million bucks today, thanks mate : ) ZL


Not sore at all, nice and relaxed, slept well, still sleepy now, struggling to stay awake.     Swam 1.5k’s this morning. Thank You HP


Thank you again, feeling good and not going to wait so long next time. JD


Hi Chris, I had 12 hours sleep. Yes I hit the wall about a hour after getting home, you were right. Not too sore, back and shoulders feel good, no severe pain at all. Brilliant work, really impressed. BH


I am a little tender but all good, actually feeling like I have much more flexibility, looking forward to my next session NB


Not sore at all really, surprisingly good results considering you didn’t make me suffer. Had much better movement and my shoulders felt a lot lighter on the drive home too. Thanks a lot, I’ll definitely be back. ST


Thanks for the massage the other night Chris, you completely fixed my back, shoulders and neck. RC


Didn’t realize u had made me feel so good that I can do this again for the first time since hurting my neck! 😀magic hands thank u! KS



We must of shifted some stale energy last night. This morning I feel particularly FRESH!. Feeling humbly grateful. HA


Initially went to see Chris with a very sore neck, which helped immensely. Now see him regularly (well I try!) to iron out the creases. Love that he has many techniques, I’ve been taped, cupped, stretched and massaged! He knows his stuff. Highly recommend. JD


I feel absolutely amazing !! Thank you so much, I can’t stop yawning now & my eyes are heavy : )  I have woken up feeling amazing !!!!!!I’ll be bragging about you all day. KA


This man truly has magic hands, I went to him as a tight muscled wreck. He was very gentle on tender area’s as I’ve just recovered from a bulging disk in my neck… I was a bit scared as my neck was caused by someone else, but now Chris and his hands are all I will b needing, I slept the most comfortable I have in ages, and a spring in my step now I feel so limber. Thank you so much Chris for educating me on how a true masseuse should make you feel.


Hi Chris, I wanted to let you know I noticed a distinct improvement while at my cousin’s on Friday evening and by morning, that pain in my shoulder blade area had gone away completely.   Magic fingers!!  Thank you JA


Doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong with my daughters knee, so l took her to Chris as she has been putting up with pain for three weeks now. He taped her knee and she said its the best her knee has felt in three weeks, highly recommend Chris Rowden


Amazing! I never fail to leave feeling like a more relaxed, less aching, more positive version of myself. Chris is awesome! Rachie McM 5 stars

Chris is fantastic. I have back and hip problems and he has done an amazing job helping me manage pain and improving mobility. He is very professional and very thorough in understanding your current and previous medical and pain history. Can’t recommend him more highly. I am now a regular! As is my husband. Thanks Chris
Chris is wonderful, very thorough, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and wont break the bank. Im a returned patient and so are my family members. Highly recommend. TB
Perfect thanks Chris : ) was a great massage!, thanks again! PA
Chris is wonderful, very thorough, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and wont break the bank. Im a returned patient and so are my family members. Highly recommend. TB

thank you for the massage, I felt really good after & will be in touch soon to get another appintment. SK 

Trust me… You do need a massage!!!. speak to my amazing friend Chris Rowden, your completely amazing! RM

I’ve been meaning to let you know for weeks how the taping you did for me went, but time has been escaping me!  I have had barely any back pain since I saw you last. The right side of my back was really uncomfortable for 2 days after taking off the tape but since then it has been fine. I can even clean the whole house without getting much pain at all. And standing for hours is fine too.  It was very successful, so thank-you. DT

I enjoyed the massage so much, that my eyes, just didn’t want to open. KP

I knew I had a great massage, when I couldn’t remember how to get dressed   MO

Sleepy time… thanks  Chris Rowden for a wonderful massage – best massage therapist in town! After more than six years together I can definitely vouch for that…MM

Chris, It was great seeing you again, thank you, I floated home and slept like a log!!! T.K

5 Stars – Chris is an excellent masseur! I knew this before going to Bali, but after having a massage-a-day all across the holiday island (at expensive and cheap places) I constantly found myself thinking – ‘Oh, Chris uses this technique’ or ‘Chris’s massages are a lot better’. I attribute Chris’s excellence to the fact that he is passionate about what he does – which means he is always brushing up on techniques, attaining new qualifications, etc – and he is very very customer focused, so it is always about making you comfortable and taking care of your needs. And for all of that – he offers great value! I have paid top dollar in the city for massages that hardly measure up. Chris is a nice, genuine guy and his massages leave you floating in heavenly bliss for hours afterwards. Lola K

Some friends booked my husband and I into a spa at Dinner Plain on the weekend for the worlds most expensive massages. You are far better and now all my friends have your number, thank you. Tara A

My absolute best massage ever – Judi A

Just wanted to say big thanks to Chris for one of the best massages I have ever had, I had a number of body issues, aches & pains, stress. Chris spent time to understand me & my various ache & pains, he worked a mixture of remedial & relaxation, when I wasn’t enjoying the pain when he was working remedially (its still a good pain) he used gliding cups.
I left feeling a million dollars.. well worth a visit, highly recommended LizC

Need an amazing massage? I highly recommend Chris  –Rachel M
I highly recommend Chris’s business. Chris is consistent in the quality of service he provides and is always professional, friendly and welcoming. Chris listens to the type of massage you want, opposed to other masseurs who tend to have one way only. I have a joint condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which causes chronic pain. While Chris already had experience working with Hypermobility, he went to the effort of networking and researching my condition further to ensure he could provide an appropriate massage and I benefit greatly from it. I have experienced bits and pieces of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), shiatsu, Myofasical cupping, mindful touch, relaxation/stress massage, Functional Fascial Taping (FFT) and have found Chris to be confident in each and have benefitted from all of the techniques in different ways. I have never had a bad experience with Chris. Even if my body is having a rough week I always come away feeling reset, relaxed and refreshed in myself. I find that it’s not just my body which benefits from the massage, but I come away emotionally, mentally and spiritually refreshed also. You couldn’t pay me enough to change masseur, no one could top Chris!    Jess H

My absolute favorite massage therapist!!!. He’s very good everybody.
I recommend him to my guests all the time and they all come back walking on a cloud!!
He’s just 2 doors from Stone’s Throw Cottage.
Mrs R Sore, tired or stressed? Get yourself to Chris!
I’ve been to Chris for neck, shoulder and back treatment and have always left feeling mobile, energised and relieved. I get guaranteed results.
His massage therapy is personal, professional and friendly. If you live in the area – lucky you.
If you don’t, get in the car, it is worth the trip.
More than highly recommended. 5 stars
DebbiGB I would like to highly recommend this business.
Greeting me with a warm welcoming smile, Chris is a friendly, knowledgeable & professional massage therapist. His room is warm & comfortable with pleasant music gently playing in the background, and I really appreciated the warm towel on a very cold evening, a nice touch. Chris used a range of techniques in his massage, that includes cupping, shiatsu, remedial & relaxation, he also explained his treatment as he worked over my stressed body. Chris was able to fix all my aches, pains & stressed shoulders, I left feeling like I was floating on air. As I am new to the area & I am so pleased to have found Chris, give him a try, sure you’ll be glad you did 5 stars Debbie
Jones CS, I highly recommend receiving a Massage/treatment by Chris Rowden! I arrived to my appointment totally stressed out from a very busy week with my back & neck all knotted up.
After my 1 & 1/2 massage, including the technique “cupping” which amazingly got rid of all the knots , I just floated out of the room after the massage, without a worry in the world!
Most relaxing & highly recommended! 🙂 5 out of 5
CC, 5 stars, I have been receiving treatments from Chris now for over 6 months now, Chris confidently works over my body and matches his treatments to how I feel on a particular day.
I always leaving feeling like a new person with all my aches and pains massaged away, after the massage I feel great for ages.
Chris is a confident and experienced therapist, I will continue to recommend him to all my friends
Sue, Rating: 5 out of 5, I am an experienced South African (5 years in SA) Sports/LaStone Massage therapist have been in London for the past 7 years have had many Massages, Chris is the best I have had in Australia after two years of trying out numerous waste of space/money massages he is the best. Connects with you as a person finds the areas ( including the heart) that need to be released from emotional pressure, great lymphatic drainage, some cupping – the first person I have trusted enough to try this, an awsome experience and this is what massage is all about so I am going back as soon as I can and will be giving out many of his business cards he is just wooow.
Rating: 5 out of 5, I saw Chris while I was suffering from a extremely painful shoulder and lower back. After just two sessions, I had no pain in my lower back and the pain in my shoulder had gone from an 8/10 down to a 2/10. Chris also was able to suggest some stretches for home that have continued to help. Chris was very professional and really knows his stuff.
My only complaint is that Chris is in Belgrave and I am in Canberra!
E Willis, Rating: 5 out of 5, I have a chronic joint condition called Hypermobility Syndrome. Chris has taken the time to learn about the condition so that I know I am in capable and safe hands when it comes to my massage. He has helped with my back, legs and shoulder.
Not only have I had massage from Chris, but I have also had the Cups experience as well as Lymphatic Drainage during a period of illness, which helped remove those nasty toxins and bacteria increasing the speed of recovery. And had FFT treatment and have found it to benefit a few of my trouble areas.
He explains everything he is going to do, makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed.
Very professional and have highly recommended to all my friends and family
Mrs Robins Rating: 5 out of 5 I have had a sore back many times, but not for a few years & after a week is usually better. But a couple of weeks ago I had really bad one, but there was no improvement. I saw Chris Rowden, who applied some tape & that was the end of the pain.
I had the tape on for 3 days & by that time my back was feeling much stronger again & no pain. I can’t believe that little tape could make such a difference. I am extremely grateful to Chris for his help & have already recommended him & will continue to do so.
thanks again Chris”
Ness Rating 5 out 5 “I came to Chris with a frozen shoulder , which I have had for several years. Not only was extremely painful, but I had limited movement as well
I went to Chris who said he would like to try some taping – I said ok not knowing what would happen, Chris expained what & how the taping worked, and quickly got to work on me. Wow after 20 mins my pain went fromn a 9/10 to a 1/10, I also had full mobility of my arm, which i discovered when I put my top back on, Who would thought that a 15cm piece of tape would have done that?
Just gr8 , he called the taping FFT, will have to google that I was so amazed from being pain free I totally forgot what it stood for..
many thanks Chris..”
Mel “I’ve been a regular client of Chris’ for about five years now. He is fantastic and has helped alleviate my chronic back pain
and headaches. The moment I get on the massage table I become completely relaxed, and forget the stresses of the day.
The ultimate professional, Chris always puts the health and wellbeing of his patients first. Can definitely recommend 5 stars “
M Graham “An amazing visit. You walk in are asked for some details
(if it’s your first time) but when you get to the massage bed,
you forget everything. You relax and straight away you have complete trust with Chris.
He quickly finds your problems, helps the pain and sends you away feeling like a different person.
If you want a massage that makes you feel like stress is someone elses problem then this is the place to visit. 5 out 5 “
Chrissie “soothing music helped to start to relaxing my stressed body, after taking notes of my list of “problem areas”, Chris told me what would happen during the massage and what to expect. he confidently and quickly got to work. Within 20 minutes, I’m guessing the time, my body started to relax.
Ok there were some areas that needed some deeper work, but he was re-assuring and made sure the pressure was right for me. My massage consisted of a mixture of treatments, remedial, cupping & shiatsu, after the massage I felt great. Chris is a confident and experienced therapist, I have recomended him to all my friends” 5 stars
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