Functional Fascial Taping is a fantastic treatment that offers an analgesic effect to pain in back, hips, arms, shoulders feet, plus increases mobility, It is recommended for chronic pain & injury, is accredited & endorsed by Sports Medicine Australia – I am an accredited practitioner so please call me now if you are fed up with your pain & looking for relief Treatment consists of an initial consultation & taping, 24 hour call back & check that tapes are still tight & correctly positioned. The tapes can remain in place for up to three days, (unless reaction eg itching, or irritation – in which case the tape/s are removed). Treatments can be successful after one session to some cases where more than 7/8 are required before the desired result is achieved. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me

Client S, client S was involved in a serious RTA, has spent 4 years in chronic pain, with little hope of any relief, unless heavily medicated. two areas of most pain were identified and taped, For the first time in 4 years cllient S was pain free

Client M presented with pain in her shoulder, deltoids & biceps, this had been on-going for some considerable time. After assessing various points of pain, we identified a point of most pain.
Skin was distracted and a “loaded” tape was applied.
Referred pains disappeared and range of motion increased (ROM)
Client M’s feed back
Morning Chris
Just wanted to say how wonderful everything is. Since the treatment on Thursday night the results are unbelievable. I have so much more movement in my arm that has caused me a lot of problems for a number of years. I thought surgery was going to be my only option! How wrong I was ! I have no pain and can stretch my arm in so many more directions. Felt fantastic to be able to lift my arm and wash my hair with two hands ! Still a little way to go to have 100% movement but clearly since even your 1 treatment…an amazing improvement. Can not thank enough truly great result,highly recommend this treatment warmest regards M

Client AB Thanks Chris Rowden. Second round of taping. I have much less pain and also a greater range of movement. I have no doubt that this treatment works for me. Everyone body reacts different but I recon don’t knock it until you try it. Thanks again Chris.

Client A, An officer worker, with plenty of computer time , complaining of forearm pain, assessment most likely extensor carpi radialis longus and brachiordialis issue. taping provided immediate relief & increased ROM


Client D, Mature aged worker, who presented with an unstable knee and considerable pain and swelling, this taping provided considerable stability to her knee and reduced pain to almost zero.


Client C, a fork lift driver, presented with an unstable knee and considerable pain in vastus lateralis, pain also in her vastus medialis. After assessment, this taping provided considerable stability to her knee and reduced pain to almost zero.


Client S McG a 13 year old cheer leader, injured her knee several weeks ago. Had xrays no bone damage. there had been significant swelling now reduced. After examination appeared to be a combination of Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury to the ligament on the outer side of the knee. either a stretch, partial tear, or complete tear of the ligament, plus possible damage to the ITB. After identifying areas of most pain, the client was taped in two lines considerably reducing pain & increasing ROM

S McG 1

Client M-R, presented with pain in her right foot – caused by an accident some 10 years earlier. Pain appeared to emanate from a mixture of superior and inferior extensor retinaculum. After an initial assessment loaded FFT was applied. The client was also taped to increase ankle stability as per photos below.



Client J, a healthcare professional presented with Headaches, neck & upper back pain. after assessment, was

taped as below.


Client M, a busy executive, presented with pain in her elbow and forearm – in the areas of brachialis, biceps brachii, pronator teres, flexor carpi radialis muscle. After taping, pain had totally gone


Client D, a young mum with a 2 year old, presented with on going pain in her left side, after an assessment, pain appeared to be coming from her internal/external oblique muscles. After taping the point of pain, a referred pain was identified (seen as the larger dot above point of most pain), however this disappeared within 5 minutes. The initial pains had completely gone.

back taping

Client S, late 50’s was complaining of pains in ankle & calf pain, limping into my clinic. She had potential issues with Achilles Tendon, Peroneus Longus, Flexor Hallucis & Digitorum. After assessment the client was taped with the following outcome – Client amazed at reduction of pain (8 down to 1), increased ROM & ability to walk with out limping


Client L, 84, came to me with pains in left leg & glut, which had become worse over a 12 day period, he had been to the Dr who advised to take Panadol & come back in 6-8 weeks if the condition didn’t improve.He was desperate when he arrived bent double aided by crutches, it took him nearly 10 minutes to get into my clinic. After assessing client L, we applied taping to 2 areas, he left with pain reduced an 8 to 1/2, ROM was increased & left standing straight and move quickly & easily. Client L has had 2 more sessions over an 8 day period is virtually pain free and moving well. We may have one more session, which will depend on how client L is progressing (sorry no pictures for this client)

Client J, after suffering for over 5 years and other treatments failing, this clients pain went from a 9 /10 to a 0 pain in around 20 minutes, plus had increased mobility from her frozen shoulder. Client B, had had an extremely painful shoulder with limited mobility for over 18 months, he had received treatments from Dr, Chiro & Physio’s, unfortunately his pain continued and still had minimal mobility. His Dr advised that as he was an older patient, that he should take pain killers & get over the fact that he would no longer be able to play golf (previously his favourite past time) After three Functional Fascial Taping sessions client B has increased mobility, minimal pain and has been on the golf course for the first time in 18 months chipping & putting the ball. Treatment will continue for a few more sessions when it is hoped that the client will soon be able to play a full round of golf Client E, has Hypermobility Syndrome, which can cause abnormal distribution of wear and tear on joints. This client has received numerous FFT treatments for joint flare up, resulting in reduced pain & increased mobility. Client also has a reaction to standard rigid tapes & under tapes, so I use low allergy tapes with fantastic results Client G, is a diabetic with Fibromyalgia, he presented with limited ROM (range of motion) in his right shoulder & arm, his pain was constant between 7 – 8, pain also flowed into his neck. Following assessement, the client was taped, resulting in an increased ROM & pain reduction to a dull ache. The client who has had this condition for many years, could not contain his joy Client T, suffered neck & shoulder pain plus had restricted neck movement for 3 weeks. As you can see from the photo the client reported pain in 3 areas (identified as 1,2,3). After identifying the point of most pain, (point 3) the client was taped, within 5 minutes all pain had gone & he had an increase of neck mobility, allowing him to drive again. Client M, came to me with a painful shoulder & forearm, caused almost a year prior (client is a builder & the injury happened at work while demolishing a brick wall & cleaning over 1000 bricks). Client M is also a keen golfer playing at state level, unfortunately he had pain issues with his swing & was unable to play. After 1 FFT session his pain had all but disappeared & ROM had increased by 60%. Following his 2nd sessions is confident to play a round of golf based on the results of his FFT treatments so far

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